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各地の大雨、長雨なのに貯水率が……と不安な天候が続き一日も早い落ち着きを願うと共に魚の管理には厄介な夏がそこまでと……(笑) さて、たまたまタイミングがあったので『新子』『小肌』について紹介を。 毎年6月頃静岡は舞阪から出始める小肌の赤ちゃん新子!ここ数年出始めはキロ十万円を越える値で取引されます‼ 銀座で一貫数千円! 出世魚なのに大きくなるほど値段が安くなる? そんな新子も7月に入り九州等各地から入荷してくると値も一気に落ち着きます。 新子、小肌はその店の色、技が出て非常に面白い食材! 新子の儚い味わい、小肌のパンチのきいた〆具合!皆さんもぜひ自分の好みの新子(小肌)お店を探してみては?
(司水産 / 大山)

[Tsukiji NAKAOROSHI Journal #1]
We will start “NAKAOROSHI Journal” on which the professionals of fish at Tsukiji Fish Market report seasonal seafood information. The first volume will presented by Mr.Oyama from Tsuakasa Suisan-Tsukasa aquatic food-. He is a member of Tokushumono gyokai Seinen Kai -Youth Organization of Special High-Ranked Ingredients.-.
I am Oyama. There are so many workers at Tsukiji, but I think I am one of the tallest workers here. I am from “Tsukasa Suisan” which mainly handles “Special High-Ranked Ingredients” for Shushi and Tempure. We call those ingredients as “Tokushumono” at Fishmarket.

As we are facing at heavy rain in many areas in Japan and also worrying about lack of pondage in some regions at the same time, I pray that everything would be settled soon. And also I am bothered that I have to be ready for Summer, the difficult season to keep the quality of fish.

As it timed nicely, I will talk about SHINKO-baby Kohada-and KOHADA- spotted shad-.SHINKO’s season begin in June when they begin to be delivered from Maisaka, Shizuoka Prefecture. For the past few years, at the begging of their season, their price has been priced over hundred thousand JPY per kg. That means the price of a piece of Sushi in Ginza area in Tokyo would be over thousands JPY. Despite of KOHADA is so called “Rinsing Fish-Fishes change their names as they grow up-”, the price gets lower as they grow.

The price of SHINKO becomes less expensive at once in July, when they come to delivered from several areas such as Kyushu island-Southern part of Japan-. SHINKO and KOHADA are very interesting ingredients. It is amazing how the restaurants cook SHINKO and KOHADA differently in their ways.

I recommend to find your favorite restaurants to taste SHINKO during their short season and try nicely marinated KOHADA.