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監督Photo 通信 #2

築地市場は眠らない。午前中の喧噪を終えると仲卸店舗の灯りが消える。早い店舗では10 時頃から、徐々に河岸はひけていく。しばしの静寂が続くと思えば、昼過ぎには翌日の荷を積んだトラックが続々と築地に入り始める。夕暮れ時から深夜にかけて、時には門の前にトラックの渋滞がおこる。続々と荷は降ろされ、各荷置き場やセリ場へと運ばれて行く。ピーク時の取り扱い量は1日あたり3200トン、金額にして約30億円にのぼった。そのまま別のトラックに載せ替えられ地方に運ばれる荷物もある。築地はそんなハブ機能も持っている。

プラットホームと呼ばれる扇状にカーブした相対売り場には、発泡スチロールの壁が立ち並んでいる。深夜のメインストリートだ。0時には仲卸さんの姿がポツポツと目立ち始める。まだ街の灯りがこんなにも眩しいのに、築地は明日への準備を着々と終えている。それは日々繰り返されている市場の光景だ。(監督 / 遠藤)

[Director’s Photo Journal #2]
Tsukiji Fish Market does not sleep. After busy time in the morning passed, the lights of Nakaoroshi marchants stands go off. Some stands start closing their work from around 10am. Gradually, the market comes to be closed.
After a little while of silence, the truck loading stuffs for the next day begin to arrive at the market continuously. Sometimes, traffic jam occur at the gate of the market from dusk through late at night.
The cargos would be unloaded and delivered to depot place or auction place. At its peak period, the daily trading amount of Tsukiji had been about 3.200t, 3 billion JPY. Some cargos are transferred to other tracks addressing to other fish markets. Tsukiji also has the function of hub market.

(Often I went to Tsukiji from late at night till daytime to shoot its business time)At 11pm, getting off the metro train filled with the smell of alcohol. I had to walk to the market leaving the neon lights of GINZA. Lovers enter to Sushi shop which open till late. I felt like the delight mood that people enjoy their good time in the end of the day tried to keep me in that area.
After a few minutes of walk, I arrive at the Fish Market. The scenery is quite different. It seems like an other world just like the brilliant scenery at GINZA fades away like illusion. I could not get used to that strange feeling like time travel. The luxury automobiles turn to many handcarts. The space is filled with full of energy as once a our seniors told us. The Old Energetic Japan like energy remains at Tsukiji.

At the negotiated transaction stands, called “Platform” there are walls of tlyrene foam boxes. The platform is curves like the shape of fan. The Main Street of Tsukiji late at night. At midnight, we come to see Nakaoroshi marchants. While the lights at downtowns are still bright, the market is wrapping up its preparation for tomorrow. This is the daily scenery of Tsukiji. (by N. Endo)