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海老専門店 (株)亀福 双木浩二です。
例えば車海老は油との相性が良いので殼ごとさっと揚げて塩を振りかけビールと一緒に食べたら最高ですね。 是非いろいろな海老を食べ比べてみてください!

【Tsukiji NAKAOROSHI Journal #3】
Hi, I am Kouji NAMIKI from KAMEFUKU(亀福. 亀Kame=Turtle, 福Fuku=lucky ) Co., Ltd. a Shrimp specialized Shop.
The Shrimps are shipped to Tsukiji Fish Market from all over Japan and the world. We offer highly selected shrimps with quality among them.
It had been said that Japan was the world’s largest consumer country of the shrimps. But lately the rank became the third since USA and China became large consumer country.
Having said that Japan is ranked third shrimp consumer country, 94% of the consumption amount is brought from abroad and the percentage of domestic product is only 6%(Part of Japanese Tiger Prawn, Pink Shrimp, ISE Spiny Lobster).
There are many good shrimps that have the same high quality with domestic wild shrimps among farm-raised and exported shrimps.
However, I would like to kindly recommend to try domestic shrimps this summer.
I would like you to enjoy their special aroma that will make you feel the taste of the season.For example, Japanese Tiger Prawn marries oil. Frying them lightly to a crisp and sprinkle salt on them.
If we could have them with beer! It would be so great!
Hope you would enjoy various taste of the shrimps.