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【Tsukiji NAKAOROSHI Journal#4】
HiI am Machiyama from MARUTOSHI. A member of Tokushumono gyokai Seinen Kai -Youth Organization of Special High-Ranked Ingredients.-.
This time, I would to show you something very rare as it was delivered to our stand. It is Ichogani -A Crab of Cancridae- from France. They inhabit in European Sea Area and they had been delivered alive! As for the recipe, I recommend to simply boil them with salt and enjoy the taste of sweet flavor of the crab.
We hardly see these rare products here but at they also are delivered to Tsukiji.Recent years, in Japan,we came to be able to enjoy various cuisine culture from many countries and areas.Also at Tsukiji Fish Market, various kinds of products came to be distributed compare to before.Everyday, sea foods from all over Japan are gathered to Tsukiji Fish market.
We, Nakaoroshi, walk around the auction places from late at night to buy selected products that meet our customers’ requests. We can recommend easily the fishes in season as it is obvious that they are delicious.
What we are proud of and what our strong point is that we can propose fishes which are not in seasons but good by our ability of discerning.
That is all what we can do, but we believe that those day by day judgements lead the world’s largest and the best market’s expansion, And I hope that everyone would enjoy delicious sea foods!