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Tsukiji Wonderlandへの招待状#1―相対卸売場―








[vInvitation to Tsukiji Wonderland #1: Inner Wholesale Market]

“I found myself in a wonderland I could have never imagined.”

Since we have over 600 hours of video, there was a limit to the footage we could use in this movie. So, we would like to introduce you to some of the footage not used in this movie.

[Wholesale Market]

The first thing we would like to introduce is the inner wholesale market. This is the market that stretches for hundreds of meters in the Tsukiji Market, curving like a folding fan. The inner market was once an unloading zone called Tokyo Shijo Station, with a railway line running through. That is why some still refer to it as “the platform.” They say the reason they built the railway line in a curve was to maintain the arrival and departure areas of the train for as long as possible. During wholesale trading, a wholesaler and a middleman decide on a price one-on-one. The trading price for that day is made available to the public. Trading for seafood from all over Japan starts at around 1 a.m. The inner wholesale market is the main street of the Tsukiji Market, with people flooding in starting late in the night.