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監督Photo通信 #4

【第四回 監督Photo通信】 English follows

【Director’s Photo Journal #4】
There are many slogans posted up in the tuna auction space, and this is what one of them says:
“The market’s credibility comes from correctly weighed transactions”
Before the tuna are laid out in the auction space, they are weighed, mainly by the wholesale companies. Although
they are auctioned using that as the basis for the kilo unit price, without any advance, notice young brokers
(organization made up of people under the age of 35), re-weigh them before the auction starts.
This s called an “inspection” and takes place about once a month. It confirms that there are no mistakes in notation.
With the large size of the tuna, even a trivial error makes a big difference to the total value. That burden is
passed on to the consumer, so measurements are done very carefully.

from Director Endo