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[Invitation toTsukiji Wonderland #1: Shrimp Auction Hall]
“I found myself in a wonderland I could have never imagined.”

Since we have over 600 hours of video, there was a limit to the footage we could use in this movie. So, we would like to introduce you to some of the footage not used in this movie.

[Shrimp Auction Hall]

Opposite the raw tuna auction space, on the Sumida River side of the Tsukiji Market, is the shrimp auction space. When you enter the room from the entrance opposite the tiered auction blocks, the pink shrimp, button shrimp and so on are to the left, while the prawns are laid out to the right. The brokers begin to appear after 4AM. The brokers, with papers in hand that show the types and quantities of shrimp landed that day, begin to haggle. The atmosphere of the market hall is fairly peaceful, but that changes completely at 5:20AM. When the bell rings to indicate the start of the auction, the faces of the brokers become those of severe, sharp-eyed gamblers.