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監督Photo通信 #5

鮮魚の中でもロットの多いものは、セリ場では見本品として並び商品は荷置き場に積まれる。トラックから続々と荷が降ろされる光景がある。まだ街が寝静まっている深夜、相対取引で買い手が決まった荷は続々と運び出されていく。荷置き場から点在する積み込み場所を目指しターレーが行き交うのだ。買い手にはスーパーマーケットなどの大手物流も含まれる。センターに集約され、そこから各店舗に分かれていくものもあれば、店舗ごとのトラックへ積み込まれていくものもある。それぞれが開店時間などを目指すため、相対取引時間のピークは以前より早くなったと聞く。細やかな目利きだけでなく、中央卸売市場としてのダイナミックさとスピード感も築地の特徴の1つだ。(監督 / 遠藤)
【Director’s Photo Journal #5】
“It is amazing that such an amount of fish is consumed in a day.”
An intermediary wholesaler murmured looking at the styrofoam placed on top of each other, forming a mountain in a storage space by the Sumida river. Among the fish, those that are kept in relatively smaller lots are displayed in an auction venue as samples, and the main portion of the fish for sale are kept in storage. Early in the morning when the whole city is still asleep, fish purchased from negotiation between a buyer and seller are taken away in rapid succession. These buyers include big distributors such as supermarkets. There are those that are sent to a center from where portions are distributed to respective branches, while there are those that are loaded onto trucks that transport them to individual shops. As those buyers try to make it by their opening time, the peak time of the negotiated trading has been shifted to earlier. The features of Tsukiji are not only the connoisseurs’ sharp eyes for judging the quality of fish, but also the dynamism and quick tempo specific to this central wholesale market.