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監督Photo通信 #6


(監督 / 遠藤)

【Director’s Photo Journal #6】
As the eastern sky begins to lighten, on the sea’s surface is a fishing boat, heading for the port after a change of direction. As the birds announce the coming of morning, on the roads of Ginza is a truck, heading for Tsukiji with a step on the gas. The footsteps of people draw near. The group of high-rise on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge stand out against the sun’s rays of light. The appearance of Tokyo as a city many people come to is on full display here.

This was a passage from my notes meant to bring to mind the beginning of a movie before filming starts.

The beauty of the marketplace illuminated by sunlight is exceptional. It is like the moment the collection of overflowing energy made its appearance. With the end of the late night hustle and bustle, it has a sort of gentleness that comes with the sense of relief of the end of the stocking period, which influences the whole day. The people who come in, and the people who are there to help them and their anticipation; both feel the same nervousness, and their respective intentions are both clear. As a spectator, it is simply chaos.

A trader once said, “the market is a level playing field”. It is a competition where one has to make their locale’s goods seem better than everyone else’s. A space where pro wholesalers talk about fish. As they have an amiable chat, next to them is someone with a stern expression selecting fish.