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[Introduction to Tsukiji Wonderland #4ーSalted and Dried Seafood Auction Hallー]

“I found myself in a wonderland I could have never imagined.”
Since we have over 600 hours of video, there was a limit to the footage we could use in this movie. So, we would like to introduce you to some of the footage not used in this movie.
[Salted and Dried Seafood Auction Hall]
A huge six-story car parking building stands next to a big gate in front of the Kachi-doki Bridge.
Its ground floor(first floor) is used as store place of Dried-fish.And the auction place is located in there.
At DSF auction area, Dried White Bait(Shirasu), Dried Small Sardine and Young Lancefish( Konago) -in their season- are traded.
Among them, Dried White Bait is one of the trade mark products.
“It’s not always the case that the whiteness matters White Bait’s quality, but as it has ”white” in its name, the transparent whiteness is important.”, one middle trader Nakaoroshi said.
Come to think about it, the color of White Baits gathered from all over Japan differ  from one individual to the next.
Some has cream-colored-white and the others are not.
At 5:40am, the auctioneer (from wholesale company) rings a hand bell standing on a corner of a table on which the products are displayed.
The auctioneer would be surrounded by a crowd of people right away.
When the auctioneer read out the number, Nakaoroshi (middle trader) people write numbers on a small paper and hand it out to the auctioneer.
That is how the auction goes along.
It is exciting than we might imagine to see Nakaoroshi professionals write the numbers making their final selection, at the place the bell rung product by product.