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セリに並ぶのはアマダイ, マナカツオ, アオリイカ,ヒラメ,マダイなどの鮮魚の中で一定のレベル(大きさなど)に達したものだ。




[Invitation to Tsukiji Wonderland #5-Fresh Fish Auction hall-]
“I found myself in a wonderland I could have never imagined.”
Since we have over 600 hours of video, there was a limit to the footage we could use in this movie. So, we would like to introduce you to some of the footage not used in this movie.

-Fresh Fish Auction hall-
At 4:30am, when negotiated transaction wholesales place are busy with Nakaoroshi people, the auction of Fresh Fish begins.
The auction place is located in the back of the negotiated transaction wholesales place.
Tilefishes(Ama dai), butterfishes(Mana katsuo), oval squids(Aori-ika), Japanese flounder(Hirame) and red sea bream(Madai) of which are at a certain level (size-wise…etc. ) are displayed at the auction.
There are some special products which are added seasonally.
They are so rare and luxury products. So, even at Tsukiji the shipping amount is very small
“Above all, the big fishes are preferred. It’s easy to use the knives.” One of the Nakaoroshi people who attend the auction murmured
There is a word “butomari-yield ratio-”. The edible parts depends on the size of the fish. The bigger fish has better ratio.
Small fishes have low efficiency in price and work.
The world of auction is severe.
As for strategies, in the case of Tuna, attendees starts bid from small amount and gradually increase the number.
However at this Fresh Fish auction place, the one who makes the highest bid get the products straight away.
One has to make the market rate by his own, seeing through other hard-bitten Nakaoroshi people’s(sometimes they are veterans who are older than one’s Father) calculation.
Sometimes, the tension of the auction place gets relaxed.
That happens when the bid amounts are the same.
They decide the buyer by paper-rock-scissors. Grown-ups do it for their objective products.
The battle for an extra large Tilefish.
The priming might make them feel embarrassing. Stern look on Nakaoroshi people’s face turn to smile. 
I love that kind of scene.