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[Invitation to Tsukiji Wonderland #6-Sea Urchin Auction hall-]
“I found myself in a wonderland I could have never imagined.”
Since we have over 600 hours of video, there was a limit to the footage we could use in this movie. So, we would like to introduce you to some of the footage not used in this movie.

There are many stairs scattered about in the fan-liked formed Negotiated Transaction Wholesales area.
There are various offices among them.
Upper floor of the building are used by the wholesales company, bank and post office.
And Tsukiji office of Tokyo Metropolice stands at the end of the building, in the direction of Hamarikyu park.
The auction place for Tokushumono -Special High-Ranked Ingredients‐ stands back in a corner of that building.
That closed chamber like atmosphere impress the place is located deep inside the market. After walk up stairs, refrigerating room with the message saying “no-go area” draws our attention.
Sea urchins gathered from around the world are displayed in side the room.
More than 20 thousand Sea urchins are shipped in during the peak period.
This place is the first place when the Nakaoroshi people come to the market. They leave the room after checking the quality of the displayed products.
After seeing these scenes are repeated, we come to notice that many Nakaoroshi people start taking break on the ”auction board” which is a board in tiers where Nakaoroshi people stands on during the auction.
It is the daily scenery. They read Newspapers or have chats with having their breads.
At 5am the sound of the bell rings out, as if it break the calm relaxed time in the morning.
The bell is the sign to announce the beginning of the auction.