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監督Photo通信 #8

帰宅後、エスキス(ESqUISSE)ってどんな店なんだろうと調べてみると(不勉強ですいません)、銀座にあってミシュランは2つ星だとかシラク大統領訪日時は晩餐会の料理を担当したなどの情報が並ぶ。これ、ほんとに取材大丈夫なのだろうかと不安になった。(監督 / 遠藤)

We had several interviews with sushi chefs and chefs of Japanese restaurants, but we also wanted to talk to chefs for western food, such as French or Italian who accommodate to the needs and food culture of Japanese. About half of our production time had passed quickly without knowing how or where to start the conversation, but one day in autumn, we finally met a perfect interviewee we’d been looking for.
At a shop we frequently visited for the shoot, we would see a serious-looking guy who was meticulously selecting the fish all the time. We could tell that he would make no compromise in what he buys. This got me very interested in him but he looked almost too intimidating to talk to. So I asked the nakaoroshi who that person was. To my surprise, he was a chef from a French restaurant ‘ESqUISSE’, I was just assuming that he must be a Sushi chef by the way he was looking at the fish.
‘That guys is obsessed with fish’, the nakaoroshi pointed his back with a smile.
Among the fish nakaroshi already had selected for him, he would make his own selection. He knows and is very particular about what he wants for his customers. ‘Choose whatever you like, look as much as you want’, nakaoroshi says to him, laying out fish in front of Murashima. The level of his passion and devotion for fish are something you would often find in the sushi chefs.
So this was how we met Mr. Murashima who is featured in the film.
When we talked with him for the first time, he totally flipped our impression. He was such a friendly person and accepted our interview request immediately with a charming smile. I have to confess, I was very ignorant and had to look up his restaurant once I got home that day. I found out Esquisse was a successful two Michelin star restaurant that cooked for the official banquet for Former French president Jacque. Well, I obviously had a lot to catch up before the interview. (Director Endo)