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[ Invitation to Tsukiji Wonderland #8-Frozen Tuna Auction Hall- ]

“I found myself in a wonderland I could have never imagined.”

Since we have over 600 hours of video, there was a limit to the footage we could use in this movie. So, we would like to introduce you to some of the footage not used in this movie.

-Frozen Tuna Auction Hall-
Frozen Tuna Auction Place is located at three different places. Southern Tuna area (next to Fresh Tuna area) , Bluefin Tuna area and Big Eye Tuna area (opposite Bluefin Tuna area )
Ultracold rozen Tuna is so hard that it can break concrete.
The innovation of freezing technique added value to Frozen Tuna.
With the ultracold frozen technique which can freeze Tuna to -60℃ (-76F), the Frozen Tuna do not get bruised. So now we can eat them raw.
The Tunas gets deblooded on the ship and get frozen rapidly. And they are shipped to Tsukiji by aerial transportation from all over the world.
The Frozen Big Eye Tuna auction starts at 5:40am and that of Frozen Southern bluefin Tuna from 6:00am.
At  the Frozen Big Eye Tuna auction place, we feel overwhelmed by its size and atmosphere.
When a  large room is filled with white shining Tunas, the whole floor gets covered by the white mist of Tunas’ freezer air.
The sounds of axes cutting down the tail fin echo.
That visional scenery impresses that the Tsukiji Fish Market is the unique wonderland in the world.